Thursday, June 29, 2006

All I Want

Tonight I attended yet another great concert and had two more brushes with reasonably famous people. Tonight Glen Phillips and Jonathan Kingham (of Seattle) gave a free show at Madison Square Park. Happily, 'Toad the Wet Sprocket' was not attached to much of the propaganda that went out, otherwise I may not have had my front-and-center positioning at the show so easily. There were definitely a few die-hard fans there. While Glen did play a few Toad songs, he gave us a heaping spoonful of purely Glen stuff. He started his solo career a few years ago. Despite Glen having to re-tune between virtually every song in his set (dang this humidity), I was entertained. I was impressed. It was free. I was happy. After the show I got to meet both performers and add yet another CD (I bought Glen's EP, Unlucky 7) to my fast growing pile of autographed albums. Bonus.
The die-hard Glen Phillips fans one hour before the show.
Don't worry, more people came.Glen.Jonathan.
I loved how he looked so happy as he played.Jonathan and Me. Glen and Me.

-Toad the Wet Sprocket-

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