Thursday, May 25, 2006

Just A Ride

Today I fell in love. It was complete serendipity! On an unusual path to work this morning I saw it for the first time - a 1974 BMW 2002. It was for sale and calling my name. It was love at first sight. I quickly programmed the owners phone number into my cell and off I went to work! It was like meeting a cute guy for the first time - I couldn't stop thinking about this car. It's boxy. It's sporty. It's bright orange. It must be mine! After work I met with the owner and went for a test drive (although the current owner had to do the driving since I don't know how to drive stick). Since I found my little gem of a car, I have tried to think rationally about the real logistics of buying this car right now. Here's what I've come up with:

Reasons I Should Buy the Car:
  • It's adorable
  • The factory rebuilt engine only has 28,000 miles
  • Someone else put $23,000 into restoring it
  • It has a CD player
  • It's vintage and won't lose value
  • It's so me!
  • I'm selling my other car and will need to buy a new one soon
Reasons That May Discourage Me from Buying the Car:
  • I don't really have the money right now
  • I'm moving to Manhattan in two weeks
  • I don't even know if I'll end up in Portland again
  • It is old and doesn't have airbags, A/C, etc.
  • It has a manual transmission that I don't know how to use (yet)

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