Friday, May 19, 2006

Hello Lonely

It's Friday and I have hit a wall. My busy-ness at work has waned and I just finished my last assignment with a few hours still left in the day. No one has the energy at this point in the week to think up a new project for me to work on. I guess I should be ok with that. I'll just blog away!

It's raining today. I went outside for lunch, off to my little park on 8th Avenue but I couldn't sit out there for long. It was just a little too soggy for me. I didn't have an umbrella - but isn't that what the whole Northwest experience is about -- becoming one with the rain?

A dog just walked into my cubicle.

Speaking of creatures, I almost stepped on a snake when I was running with Russ the other night. On the foresty streets of Portland, it's not unusual to have branches, sticks, and dirt spilling over onto the street. It was dusk and a little bit difficult to see anyway. But when what I assumed to be a stick startled and slithered as I ran by, I discovered it to be slightly more than a dead tree part.

It has been kind of a lonely week out here in Portland. I am in such a transient time of life right now. I don't quite have a home. And it is difficult to find motivation to make good friends when you know that you'll have to leave them in three weeks anyway. I've had to do that too many times before. I think I'm getting ready to settle down somewhere. At least for a year or two. Sometimes I just sit back and think, "What am I doing?" I'm in Oregon. I'm not making any money. And I have no idea where I'll be in three months. It's all good, though. Gain experience. Build the resume. Live in the moment. Drink it all in.

-Theory of a Deadman-

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