Monday, September 18, 2006

Near Wild Heaven

Trying to describe my weekend in Switzerland in single blog post would be like trying to do something pretty much impossible. My creativity in metaphoring is escaping me right now. All I know is I had a Toblerone for dinner and I'm going on about 45 minutes of sleep, so don't expect too much from this one.

Jackie, Ryan and I decided last Tuesday that this would be a perfect weekend to hit Switzerland - a must see on all of our lists. Let me just say that between Friday at midnight and Monday morning at 7 am, we took 5 buses, 7 trains, 2 gondolas, 2 trams, and 2 metros for a total of 26.5 hours of traveling and about as many hours of Swiss bliss. Saying it was worth it would be the understatement of the century.

We spent the weekend in Gimmelwald, Switzerland - a tiny village nestled in the Alps. It was there that I learned what it feels like to live a fairy tale. It was there that I hiked what is quite possibly the most beautiful mountain range on the planet - lush and green, but still jagged and impressive with a huge vertical drop. It was there that I first heard a yodeling Alpine choir and wrote in my journal to alpenhorns being played outside my window. It was there that I saw friendly Swiss cheese-making cows with their bells, discovered a hidden yet magnificent waterfall, and sat for what felt like hours as the peaks drifted in and out of view, just absorbing the beauty of it all. In Gimmelwald I felt like I could almost touch heaven.


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