Saturday, September 02, 2006


On Saturday, Jackie, Ryan and I decided to make our first adventure outside of Brussels. Early in the morning we got on a train and headed west until we came to the brilliant little city of Bruges. This was my second time visiting Bruges, and with good reason. The first time I came upon this Medival town four years ago, its unfolding was unforgettable. We had been tromping around the UK, flown into Paris and then taken a train to Belgium. No one really knew why we were going or what to expect. But for me, the cobblestone streets, neighboring cathedrals, towering city hall, windmills, chocolateries, street musicians, bicycles, the best waffles in the world, and lace-makers were exactly the Europe I had always imagined. My second visit to "The Venice of the North" was just as satisfying. I wasn't disappointed.
-Snow Patrol-

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