Thursday, July 13, 2006

Soundtrack for Our Movie

On Thursday I hit Prospect Park once again for Celebrate Brooklyn. This time it was Yo La Tengo, but they didn't give a traditional concert. They did something a lot cooler. They set up a huge movie screen and played 10-20 minute silent documentary films about different sea creatures and Yo La Tengo provided the soundtrack. They did quite a few films with Radiohead Kid-A-esque ambiant noise, while they took some other films as a chance to rock out completely. The films were all by French producers, so several were cleverly risque (scandalous but completely free of scandal) with a focus on the reproduction aspect of the creatures. Did you know that male sea horses carry their young? I am constantly amazed as I learn about the struggles and sacrifies that the male species make for their young in the animal world -- think March of the Penguins. Brent, Seth and I had a great time, but maybe not as good as the people in front of us. They were smoking (not cigarettes) the whole time and finally the one sitting in front of me went into convulsions and then began to vomit. For as much as I was enjoying the music, I couldn't take the smell for too long and I had to leave early.


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