Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Autumn Leaves

Two nights ago I went for a run in what is currently my favorite running setting: dark, blustery fresh wind, patches of light rain, plenty of moon light and/or city shine, and brisk but not frigidly cold. It was a sure sign that October is officially here and fall is in full swing. Every time autumn comes around I am reminded of why it's my favorite (though spring is a close second). I don't know what it is, but something about fall makes me want to wear wool, write on some bright orange stationary, collect leaves, puddle jump, bake pumpkin spice bread or a rustic apple tart, plant some mums, go on a hike, carve a pumpkin, or make chai tea, just for the spicy smell of it. It brings back memories of growing up on the east coast, biking through Vermont, watching the brilliance of the changing leaves and enjoying the crispness of each day. I guess all of the beauty of autumn helps to mask what the season really is: an ending. It's an end to those carefree days of summer, and many are quick to end the love that they grew in the summer, for fear that it will freeze over in the winter (thank you, Feist). If only broken hearts could shatter into a thousand brilliant pieces of orange and red and gold to be admired like the foliage. I'm glad that at least nature dies in such a magnificent way.

but i miss you
most of all, my darling
when autumn leaves
start to fall

-Eva Cassidy-

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