Saturday, August 12, 2006

Other Side of the World

As I flew into Nebraskaand then drove into Utah, I once again realized something I'm pretty sure already knew… that life in New York is nothing like life in any other part of this country. I also realized that all Wyoming has to offer are some cool clouds and big sky - but Montana claimed it first. But really, outside of New York not only can you see forever, but you can also go to a restaurant, grocery store, or bakery without getting yelled at to “step down!” Actually, I have yet to go to a bakery, café or deli outside of New York. Do they exist? I don’t think that one experience is necessarily better than the other, but I love to observe the differences in the way people live.

It seems that regardless of where I go, I come back to my family to find that it seems I’ve been on another planet. In my attempts to focus on the good and beautiful in the world, I succeed in blocking out a lot of what is actually happening: terrorist attacks, wars, movie stars making anti-Semitic statements and possibly ending their careers in acting…. I’m sure there are more. While I consider it important to be up-to-date on current events, I am currently wrapped up in my pursuit to regain my fluency (well, almost) in French, finish The History of Love, determine where I should look for work come January, and maintain my standing as favorite aunt.-KT Tunstall

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